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  1. Cheers Pallatts out of stock like everywhere i have tried
  2. Looking for a supplier of USNE GANO made by ROHNFRIED any help would be appreciated Thanks
  3. unclealbert


    In last night SU 20 P 3529
  4. Tom Wilson's pigeon 01324 823573
  5. Hi Got the chance of a microscope to test droppings. Looking for information with regard to testing, step by step guides, books, information sheets. Anything that will let me know what to look for.Thanks
  6. Hi Joe, Happened to my young birds, green not slimy, birds stopped eating and just went and stared into a corner then died. Went to vet after 5 died, I removed another 6. Post Mortem carried out, nothing found, tested for all viruses, ADENO, CIRC, ROTA. The lot negative, 5 or 6 days after the last one dying, birds back to normal. They were given nothing except a probiotic while awaiting results, which took about 15 days. Was advised by vet to give them something to stop secondary infection which I did, birds were only vaccinated with Colmbovac vaccine after this happened.
  7. has not set their status

  8. Anyone have a number or Email for Ian Bisset from Innerleithen
  9. Anyone know where I can obtain Karel Boeckx young birds
  10. Thank you very much for birthday wishes
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