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  1. Top fancier confirmed to judge . The SNFC section winner Billy McEwan of Dundee Small printing error 2022 young birds not 2021
  2. I am glad to inform the fancy that we are holding our annual show this year . Gourdon &Dist Annual Show Sunday 28th November To be held in the Masonic Hall , King Street Inverbervie. Class 1 AACTW Class 2 AAHTW Class 3 LOC Class 4 LOH Class 5 LYC Class 6 LYH Class 7 EYESIGN (can be duplicated ) Penning 9am - 10.30 Judging start 11am sharp Entries £1 bird Teas,coffee, bacon rolls , sausage rolls and cakes . There will be a sale of 2021 ybirds for our club funds . Phone Entries to David Hay 01561 361588/ 01561 361526. Entries close Friday 26 Nov Late Entries will be accepted if pen's are available. Hand sanitizers and masks will be available at the show Hope to see you there
  3. We have had a ybird reported in County Durham by a non fancier , is there anyone near that could give it a helping hand up the road a bit ? It flew Harrogate the week before so should head home with a little helping hand Cheers
  4. Good entry from the North, let's hope it helps us like last week at Harrogate
  5. Heard you won your club too , are you topping the Aberdeen fed ?
  6. Haha !! we need Aberdeen birds libbed up with us every week
  7. 67 , lost 15 of the loft ( in fog ) so 52 got trained and have 29 left with one race to go and maybe a national . Might pick out 20 or so for the last race, will see tomorrow Everyone of them have had a race under there belt , couple back from the stray centre which will get trained up over the next month
  8. Anyone on this site have Aye Readys contact details he has a AF bird of mine and hasn't replied
  9. That's our pigeon, can you PM me
  10. Well tonight about 6 was leaving the loft and this bird drops out of the sky from the North and onto the loft , it was one of our birds from Guernsey 🇬🇬 with half a tail and a half healed up gash on her front , bit on the thin side but will recover , then at 730 my old man texted me to tell me a yearlings hen turned up from maidstone . Two birds tonight !! Unreal .. Anyone else have them turning up ?
  11. Birds going over stcyrus at 1030 def racers
  12. Are these still available ?
  13. Well chuffed for you Gordon , what a result
  14. Never understand them , we put a yearling to peterbough WHO was reported at eyemouth earlier this year , (give him his due he was badly hurt), he was hurt as a ybird too and was reported in eyemouth ( different fancier) anyway i thought he was looking good so put him the 304 mls to peterbough and surpise surprise he was home to us on the day bit late but came past eyemouth :emoticon-0140-rofl:
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