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    looking to buy a pair of kirkpatricks for stock at end of season,no rush, prefer birds that have been raced, maybe meet up at blackpool show, pm me what you got
  2. most of stock birds from them are mad wild, never been handled, so dont expect them to be tame
  3. got 2 coloured fantails, both cocks, a mealy and a red w/f, both got nice big tails, can take to blackpool, would swap for a nice gay pied racer hen
  4. loose these out after 3 weeks and they will be gone, do you have any other broken out pigeons? i think 6 weeks at least, make sure they are very hungry
  5. anyone any information on rapido?
  6. got a black stock bird off louella bred off a grandson of king of the faroes, nice bird, think will be better crossed into a good long distance hen, not keen on the barless mealies
  7. yorkie


    loft 8ft square and he has 2 loft managers?
  8. could you not keep the birds in an outside flight ? budgies are bad for the dust and if you are allergic to it you will have problems. If you pm me your email address i can put you in touch with someone who has had the same problems - it may help to share experiences.There are some expensive filters on the market but i dont think they worked for him, you could be wasting your money
  9. wow, these sound the right stuff, better than anything at blackpool i bet, too far for me
  10. are we talking the pretty white grizzles here or other colours? i really like the grizzles but are they any good?
  11. thanks for replies lads, will try ivomectin
  12. if i hold a couple of my birds flights up to the light i can see tiny little eggs against the quill of their flights.i spray my birds regular but cant seem to get rid of these, any ideas/tips?
  13. thanks again mate, pleasure to meet you and very nice birds
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