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  1. Pigeon loft for sale Dimensions: 10x4, 2 sections Nest boxes, box perches, baskets and a T3 clock included. Also birds if needed. Packing in due to club folding up. £800 or very near offer Pictures available on request, too big to upload.
  2. Tony


    Looking for a pair of white busschaerts
  3. Tony


    Am in worthing sussex.
  4. Tony


    Can anyone help looking for 6 young birds to race this year i know i might be a bit late can pay.
  5. Tony


    Place called worthing in sussex near brighton.
  6. Tony


    Hi i am in need of 6 young sprint pigeons about 20 each or less if anyone can help please.
  7. Tony


    Hi Need a favour got 7 show racers need to get from cardiff to the blackpool show please if anyone can help thanks.
  8. Good Morning not been on here in a few years but back now still flying pigeons and doing well with them.
  9. Tony


    should have said it is 2011 rings that i need.
  10. Tony


    Has anyone got 3 spare rings please.
  11. Blandford 77 miles this week.I raced last week.
  12. Came 4th 5th club out of 70 club birds.
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