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  1. Definetly dont come down the Irvine valley or we would get them too , we dont, We will need to differ on opinions
  2. I think you are partly right in that the birds coming into Ayrshire use different routes, yours Im guessing come along the M8 down and in or in over the wind farm . ours in the centre are either with yours and having to FLY the over fly we give you or come in the a71 valley which is infested by percy South section same as central to a degree or in up the Nith valley again a killing ground. we had a discussion last week on Blaydon as a racepoint where I said it was a disaster waiting to happen and then stupidly on my part sent some , all reports are there are thousands of pigeons that mill around there all the time,
  3. got one a wee while ago hawked
  4. Good race for you perhaps as a race in general its another disaster
  5. Just back from clocks another skelping for Ayrshire 3/10, 6/12 3/12 1/31 etc
  6. bibendium


    Dalmellington pigeon
  7. Blaydon was a stinker! and the proposal should be set in stone for three years .jmo
  8. Aye and am one of them, Ayrshire got slaughtered yesterday from east to west or hadnt you noticed.no difference what way you go now so why not our natural route.
  9. Big losses again in Ayrshire , dont let one individual loft performance cloud judgement on this, I too have 100% but fellow clubmates have average 50% others have up to 20 birds missing from 28 Other Ayrshire clubs have similar returns .to my club
  10. As well as the obvious , we should be chasing our MSPs and MPs demanding that no more unnatural nesting sites are introduced, We will never get a Cull on BOP. numbers will not decrease in the next few years IMO but we maybe can make it difficult for them
  11. Kilwinning bird. 01294 650665 J Davidson Secy
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