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  1. Hi all, I am after a bit of help if possible. Last week I lost my Jack Russell *expletive removed*. She was only 6 1/2 and I am absolutely devastated. On the 8th of June 2009 I posted a photo of her at 9 weeks of age on this site. It is the only 1 I had of her at that age and the best quality one I ever had as I suck with a camera and that 1 was taken for me. I have been back to look for it so that I can print it off but I cannot find it. There are photos that I can see from around that era so I don't think its an age thing and I believe that due to health issues I haven't been on in a while and maybe my access has been restricted. My hope is that one of you who comes on regularly can still see it and can email it or post it in the gallery so I can get it again. The post is called My new puppy although I am sure when I first posted it I called it My new rat deterrent. Either way it was posted at 15:30 on the 8/6/2009 by FoxesFan4Ever. I know it is a big ask but I can't begin to tell you how much it will mean to me to find it again!! Thank you so very much in advance FF4E
  2. Hi All, Apologies if this is in the wrong section but I am having problems with next door's cats. They sit on my loft roof and it is getting beyond a joke. I want to buy a cat deterrent but there are so many out there I was wondering if anyone has used particularly good ones that they can recommend? I have had a look on ebay and most say they need to be approx. 8 inches from the ground but that won't work for me as the moggies are coming from next door's conservatory roof to my loft roof without touching the ground so I am thinking that sensors or whatever will need to be fixed to the loft roof somehow. Will that work? Thanks in advance for any and all answers ATB FF4E
  3. Hi all, All birds have now gone to a new young fancier local to me. Thanks for all interest shown and good luck to all this season!! FF4E
  4. Hi Rob, I have 6 YB available. Where are you?
  5. Hi All Due to having being diagnosed with a severe allergy to pigeons I will probably have to give up on the birds. Before I go that far however, after purchasing a couple of really good quality masks I am going to try just cutting down on my excess stock first. So..if anyone needs any spare hens or good quality cocks please let me know. I also have a few young birds which are too young for me to add to the ones I will fly this year. All are available and all have been bred to fly middle distance. Need to know in the next few days if anyone would like them as for the sake of my health they need to go asap. Have a good season all FF4E
  6. Ok, thanks It's a plastic one I want so I'm thinking I'll just have to get modifying !!
  7. FoxesFan4Ever


    Hi guys, I am looking for the one of the large sputnik traps as the wooden one I have now is on its way out and the hole it fits is 45" across and 25" down. I have been told they don't make them that big anymore so wondering if anybuddy has 1 for sale. I know I can modify the hole so a small 1 will fit if needs be but if I can get a big one so much the better. Thanks all !!
  8. Hi Guys, OK so on Saturday my birds went to Alnwick whish is almost 200 miles to me. I was almost inside out when I saw my first arrive at 3h 10m which works out at 1680 ypm and is the fastest any of mine have flown race day all season. That is until the damn thing decided to sit on the house for 35 mins despite me whistling, shaking the tin, chucking the fantail mentioned in an earlier post up etc. It was joined a few mins later by another 1 who also decided to sit there until my lil breeder/buyer hen who is a good trapper arrived and then all 3 dropped together. So to make a longish post even longer, is it too late to retrain them? They trap well on training flights usually so I'm not sure where to make improvements really. They do sit on the house roof on sunny days and I have in the past tried to discourage that but then they tend to sit on the roof of neighbouring houses which I have no control of at all so I would rather them be on mine where I can at least protect them from cats etc. Any ideas or do I call it quits with them and use what I learn this year for next season? Thanks all
  9. Maybe that's where I'm falling down then. I'll feed it for the rest of the season and see if things pick up. They can't go down much, thats for sure. Thanks again
  10. Thank you both for your replies. Wiley, I don't have any seperate bags of seeds, only mixes. I feed YB no maize most of the time with 25% added depurative mon,tue wed. I do have other mixes, super w/hood, all rounder an reg w/hood along with layer pellets, hemp, safflower and peanuts. I guess I left it a bit late but if you think i can do anything with that lot please let me know. Thanks again
  11. Hi guys, It is our breeder/buyer next week and I have a little red hen who needs building up quite a bit before she goes. I need her to add some timber but also not be overloaded when she goes. Also she had a hard time in the heat yesterday and didn't come in until this morning so she wont even get much training this week. If she doesn't look match fit she wont go but obviously I am hoping I can get her there seeing as it's what I bought her for. So,what do you think...how do I put some meat on her. All responses gratefully received. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hi guys, I googled for these 2 products but nothing came up only a load of sheep related articles. Where can I buy them?, how much?, and how do i work out a pigeon size dose please? Thanks!!
  13. Hi all, Visted a friend yesterday and was telling him how slack my young uns are at trapping on race day despite being trained properly and trapping en masse from tosses and loft flights. He gave me an Indian Fantail and said "use this". He did explain how but I have a chronically bad ear right now and couldn't concentrate so now I can't remember what he said, so in a nutshell.........how????????? Thanks for all responses ATB
  14. Reported today. Got reply from the RPRA within the hour. Phoned the owner who collected it (again within the hour) Hopefully he will stay now but if he comes back owner says I can have him. Thanks for the response!!
  15. Hi all, Can anyone please tell me who the owner of this bird is. Thanks all!!!!
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