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  1. I would think it's a double disaster Pat ! Been closed down here and raining here all morning and still is !! A really bad decision to liberate OMO.
  2. showman


    Another joker in the pack.
  3. showman


    Not too many to answer it though !
  4. showman


    So, what does that mean ?
  5. Happy Birthday Andy, enjoy your day. ^_^
  6. showman

    Wicker Baskets

    Could it be they've forgotten their possible humble beginnings ? Being suppliers to Fortnum & Mason , maybe you're not as important ?
  7. showman

    Wicker Baskets

    Any luck with your basket search mate ? Did you check out Kingstown Pet Supplies \ Billericay.
  8. Sorry, but luck doesn't even come anywhere into it !! Many years of patience and observing within itself will remove any 'luck'. ……….'we have no time to stand and stare' .....
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