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  1. Iam sure the charcoal absorbs bacteria.Old hands sour crop conditioner has plenty charcoal in it.
  2. What distance is bourges into west central scotland.?
  3. That could be a wee help for the west dont you think?
  4. How did the agm go guys whats the race programme.
  5. slinky slitheroe


    Dont buy that. Maybe another hen laid in the wrong nest seen that before.
  6. slinky slitheroe


    Same thing too busy.
  7. Heard fairy liquid and water works.
  8. As pigeon fanciers we should all join the rspb and go to there meetings and kick up futt from within about the saturation level of the bop.
  9. Nae wonder folk are leaving it.Ive heard it say it helps the doos come up that way fae the nationals. :-/ :-/I think there on to a good hammering once again. Kamikazi and suicidal come to mind. :-/ :-/
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