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  1. A belated Happy birthday As stated, I can only view birthdays on the calendar if the members have recorded them on their personal account/profile details.
  2. Fifer's 2 year old cocker called Moose, a full brother to my Merlot
  3. Yes, a bitch from the same litter, won best young bitch in her class at Crufts 2 years ago
  4. Hi, meet my 2 year old Show Cocker Bitch Merlot
  5. Although I no longer keep pigeons, this was my loft, and would be nice if members shared a photo of their lofts on this post, for others to view.
  6. sapper756

    Show time

    Enjoying seeing members birds
  7. sapper756

    Show time

    Very nice birds guys, hopefully more will appear
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