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  1. ime getting good at quick release so the wife says
  2. it must like the new dookit min, aye nae problem but make it evening cause ime oot every day.
  3. hi john lee will be goin tae lossie the morn for work, he could toss it for yi min
  4. Dave barrie


    i am busy with parcels at the minute but its coming to that time of year for doos again so if i get the work then i can make a run up monthly, that includes taking and delivering clocks for jont , a lot of dead miles up here, hence the reason for time to make a run up, the more jobs then the easier on cost, its basicly fuel money at the end of the day, archie, can you put my details back on the courier list please, thankyou.
  5. my next run is arbroath to edinburgh, glasgow, and back north, low rates, cheers davy
  6. L & D Couriers will be covering the length of the country on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th. will transport birds and equipment. can contact me through PM. many thanks Davie.
  7. good luck for your season ahead, ps , your birds are lookin the part up here willie
  8. fergie used it, i have to use it, its the one we are measured from , the fed voted the racepoint in , if anyone knows of a better place to lib at kircaldy then please tell me cause i am also worried if the birdage is large, so come on lads, dinna moan and get askin around and tell me the address of a better place.
  9. big car park on the sea front opposit the flats square peg
  10. fraserburgh and district willie, i can collect sat on way home if its no claimed, davy
  11. if birds are handed in i could collect on way back at the w/end, mobile no 07957204306
  12. my convoyer rulebook clearly states that birds must be rested after travelling a distance for no less than four hours.
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