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  1. Possibly mate, I know it is a bugger of a virus on PCs, luckily I am on a mac, so no harm done, but it is a naughty little one. I suggest being extra cautious for a few days
  2. Be careful out there everyone - there is a bit of an email virus doing the rounds. Basically, if you get an email from a friend and it has either a weird subject line (dashes and squiggles) or is completely blank, DO NOT OPEN IT - the virus infects your computer and then mails itself to all people in your address book. Be warned!! If the subject line looks a bit iffy or is blank, just don't take the risk
  3. Hi guys, A thought about young fanciers. After starting this topic (http://www.pigeon-magazine.co.uk/2010/06/this-weeks-discussion-young-fanciers/) on my pigeon-magazine site, I was interested to know how many of you agree that we are not doing enough to entice young fanciers into the sport... comments on the article and here are appreciated Rob
  4. I have been in or around pigeons all my life as my father is a life long fancier. When i moved into my own house in 1993 an old shed in the garden was quickly converted into a loft with many many changes made over the years... Read More here: http://www.pigeon-magazine.co.uk/2010/05/from-the-pen-of-billy-harris/ Enjoy and feel free to comment both here, and on the pigeon-magazine site too
  5. If so, please send me a PM or an email (admin@pigeon-magazine.co.uk) as we are looking for a few new writers who would like to share their wisdom, write loft reports and/or anything else you think would be good - we are very open to suggestions Don't worry about things like spelling, grammar and all that jazz, I will go through them all to double check, but who cares about a spelling mistake now and then if the content is great eh? Cheers all Rob
  6. will most likely be there again - I have been the last two years and I do enjoy it, it is great fun. This year though I will cut back on quite so much booze and maybe not have such a bad hangover!! haha
  7. Very nice looking birds there mate - I could do some wonderful montage work with them. I love working with grizzles especially, they stand out so well Lovely birds
  8. They were a couple of stunning promo girls on a stand called 'vet-medic', at least I think that was the stand... I can't say I paid much attention... I must have had 25 flyers off of those girls in 2 days
  9. Hiya lads - only just saw this thread, not sure how I missed it Chris is right, my eyes were only on the two beautiful hens across the hall from the stand *phwoar!* Stevie has been in touch now and I am working on his montage today - will be with you soon steve. Thanks for the kind words from vallance and just ask - your making me blush
  10. Hi everyone, We are looking for some regular and non-regular scribes/authors over at our new, free, online only pigeon magazine. The website is: www.pigeon-magazine.co.uk - we have a few articles up now but we are looking for authors from around the UK who would like to do some loft reports, medical articles, racing and breeding systems etc... anything pigeon related really. If you fancy writing for us, pop over to the site and drop me an email - or alternatively just PM me Rob
  11. Hi REDCHEQHEN, You could try installing Mozilla Firefox or a later version of Internet Explorer. IE6 is 11 years old and is very prone to errors. If you upgrade to IE8 or Firefox, you will notice a lot less problems, a big speed increase and also a nice viewing experience I hope that helps
  12. It is a good browser, but if you want total piece of mind and great loading speeds then go for Mozilla Firefox. It is free, fast and pretty damn amazing Rob
  13. Very interesting read - I have only had a quick read through some of the pages but it looks like an interesting site. Cheers
  14. Good luck with the new venture Stevie
  15. I am not sure if it is anti-biotic abuse to be honest because for years my dad has boycotted anti-biotics unless prescribed by a vet (which is not very often) for this exact reason. I remember him saying a few years back that anti-biotics were generally bad for the pigeons because it messes with the immune system if misused. He tends to use more herbal remedies nowdays. But as you say; I am sure the use of antibiotics with an awful lot of fanciers will lower the immune systems and lead to more illnesses. Luckily for our friends in belgium, they have had very little infection but within their regions they have heard of some terrible cases...
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