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  1. I seem to remember it on one of the Bigwood films, maybe see him.
  2. There are two pics of Biemans winner they don't look the same bird?
  3. ribble


    I had some dutch birds which contained wittenbuik lines, the guy i had them from had two of wittenbuik he had some excellent results with them. Unfortunately i could not keep hold of them i also had no joy when they were crossed into our own birds. Has anyone been to the Battenburg sale today?
  4. I'm sure the pigeon vet Norbert Peeters, did a red amino product. Schroeder does one have a look at the following link. http://www.schroederpigeons.be/index.php?page=product_info&id=107
  5. Get a pooled loft sample done, you then know if you need to use it.
  6. Who are the Planet Brothers? I have heard of the pigeons but don't know the full history. If anyone knows of any articles online please paste a link.
  7. They are good for feed and water. The ones i have, have a cap on the base that you take of for using food any grain is ok. To stop the birds sorting through the food and scattering it you can place some wire mesh in the bottom above the feed level. They can get there beak through to feed but can't flick it about.
  8. Hi Lots of clubs in Manchester area, you would be better asking on http://www.pigeon-chat.com/ . A lot of Manchester lads go on and the owner JT is also from Manchester.
  9. ribble

    Light System

    I know of a bloke not to far from me who has tried it for the first time this year. He is having a real good Y/B season, i will speak to him at the end of the season and ask his opinion if it's the new system or the new birds i put him onto.
  10. Cheers, i'm going on holiday soon and going to put some down while away to make it easy for the guy looking after them.
  11. Val, how deep is the sand you put down?
  12. I'm not an expert or anything but if you have furry droppings i'd say your ventilation needs adjusting.
  13. I have just had a quick google and notice the above contain a derivative of hydrocortisone, (Prednisolone). Would this not lead to a positive drug test?
  14. Does the article state what they are being poisoned with?
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