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  1. Direct from Unikon for a new one https://www.unikon.co.uk
  2. I've edited it Lindsay - James Cook is my local hospital, best wishes for a full recovery - and regards edits, just message an admin member 👍
  3. I have been told all vaccinated birds have to be on an a spreadsheet held by the racing pigeon organisation How it is to be presented is not known
  4. Very mature looking for a youngster - and very nice with it


    The Up North Combine had a young bird combine race from Folkestone yesterday - lowest birdage ever (3587?) but a turnaround for returns - which appear to have been good There was 0.0079 ypm between 1st & 2nd combine 1. Armstrong, Shergold and Partners ( Sunderland Premier) 1716.9767 2. Richardson & son (South East Durham) 1716.9688 3. Sayers Bros (South East Durham) 1714.63
  6. I watched the match and thoroughly enjoyed it. Unlike Wimbledon it was a hard court and very fast, both girls did themselves proud and just as in pigeon racing "there can only be one winner"! Emma did extremely well not losing a set to any opponents all through the competition, may she continue to stay grounded and enjoy her sport
  7. Terrible - what is happening? 27 birds back in our club from 167 sent at clocks - though admittedly clocks are read off just an hour after first ones are clocked in
  8. Results seen today WDA Prudhoe winner 1375ypm from Peterborough UNC Ward & Homer approx 1327 ypm from Chelmsford (205 miles +, 4hrs 32 mins)
  9. Birds been going over Redcar since 14.10 - no idea whose! WDA at Peterborough were up at 10.05 SNFC Huntingdon at 10.30 Huntingdon is 160 miles to me Peterborough is 146 miles
  10. And a 3 day race can be timed in on day 1 - but a short race can't be timed in on a 2nd day. I would imagine there will be a rule either the number of days or when a velocity falls to a certain level. Bourges in the UNC is 300 & odd ypm All inland races in the UNC are one day races, even though the top end are flying further than the bottom end on some channel races. This years NEHU futurity race on Bank Holiday Monday was a disaster The weather was dreadful (just like Saturday gone! Overcast, drizzle poor visibility in some places) and no birds were timed into the top end of the NEHU Another race I never sent to, I have made much better decisions than the convoyer has this year - by not sending them
  11. Hello Wendy - there are many types of pigeon, and this one is a 'fancy' pigeon, as opposed to a racing pigeon, I'm not too clued up on them myself, but if it has a ring - and you can contain the bird, we should hopefully be able to trace the owner from the ring number. The ring should contain - the year it was born - letters - and a number. ie: 20 AERC 321 - If you could come to us with those details we can take the first step by finding the secretary of the club it belongs to, as there are many different ones.
  12. Change seems to bring out the "diva" in some people, you race pigeons, you move with the times, the same with format changes on the internet, you get used to things eventually! That old saying "use it or lose it", applies to lots of things, your brain, your legs, pigeonbasics! Embrace change and move with it, life is too short to moan

    Y/b Strays

    I'm sure somebody will come for it, scottish birds are picked up regularly from there, Kyle does a good job. We took Su21L1122 there on Monday - so if it's yours,it came into our loft in Redcar on Sunday afternoon
  14. A very respectable velocity Andy - well done to the youngster!
  15. Where were they Monday Rose and what time were they liberated please
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