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  1. must be some ways more experienced fanciers have to control the moult, please any ideas would be welcome
  2. dry means not allowing eggs to hatch
  3. protein sunday monday (30-40% peas or beans / tuesday to friday carbs gerry or cool racer/from wednesday 25% fats
  4. to late as per mu post i have bred from them , how long is it best to part them to try to slow it down
  5. can anyone offer advice on delaying the wing moult of the birds when raced on the natural system, due to work and having to get my family to feed the birds at times (due to working away)i wish to race natural this year or for part of the year, i have a small seperate loft where i can part the birds but this is only the size to fit 12- 16 in and i have 26 pairs ,if my birds are required for late july and i dont really want them going past the third flight how can i control this, my hens have just been parted with there young in most cases prior to them laying again , again to try to delay the moult any tips would be great i plan to use the seperate little loft to motivate the birds or to break the nest cycle but i would welcome any views on this subject having read many books there does not seem to be a book that covers this in depth thanks wilkins
  6. wilkins

    28 Gramms

    think its 14.3 grams to 1 tablespoon / 15 ml is one tablespoon hope that helps wiley been searching the same thing today
  7. wilkins

    Rice Water.

    boil pearl barley very good for the birds
  8. would go with boxes and grids on them unless you scrape 2-3 times a day
  9. i think you are using honey in its more natural state there is little point
  10. the main point of cider vin is to clear digestive tracks and bowels etc of undigested food , unless used daily it can not perform this function, so wiley is correct in my view
  11. there are millions of different good and bad bacteria and yogurt does not really touch a fraction of the ones created , i dont like feeding dairy based product to my birds either, plus on top of that if dry it you are only left with the calcium no other benefits and more than that i dont like feeding it damp of corn unless you have time to make sure every grain has been used up by the birds otherwise it will have dust and dirt stuck to it tried it for years and birds fly better with out it the stuff we by from the supermarket is pretty pointless , have a search on the internet you will see that like mineral water its just another rip off
  12. protein early in the week say 2 parts protein 1 part carb, increased amount of food from tuesday onwards with a high carb food becoming 3 part to 1 part protein,then from wednesday 3 parts high carb 1 part fats , thats a guide for weekly racing
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