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  1. I am afraid to chuck a towel over him as I don't Want to scare or hurt him so not sure what I can do to trace owner.He use to fly off when I went outside initially but now he trusts me ,that's how I managed to get close enough yesterday to see the ring .Thanks for reply. PS.Just want to find owner as they must be missing him .
  2. This beautiful pigeon has been with me for a few months now. Definitely not feral. He has different habits to ferel pigeons. He stays on the roof opposite me all the time and comes down just 3 or 4 times a day . He goes on fly about a few times a day and looks like He is circuit training . He is quite a character . He has feathers on his legs so I was not able to see if he has a ring on his leg .Today I took some food out whilst he was on the ground , he came close enough for me to see a ring on his leg . I am scared to try to capture him as I don't want to scare him . I really love him but would love to find his owners . He really is a beautiful bird and he is a lot lighter than in pic . Here is a pic ..ķ
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