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  1. Hi Alan yes it's my bird was at Peterborough at the weekend I'll give you a call
  2. A Very sad Day for the sport it has lost a Gentleman, Ally was a frend & past Fed President Transport manager & Driver He has done a lot for the sport over the years,working hard for His Club & Fed,I can remember lots of great times with him over the years at shows, He & his wife always made me welcome at his home, From The members of the Elgin&D.R.P.C RIP Ally Raymond
  3. Hi ar all the birds and loft sold yet raymond from elgin asking for harry mullan
  4. RTBirnie

    In Today

    Hi got this birdin today ring no IHU 11S 111478 Light Check
  5. Hi Stuart thanks for that what time do think? Raymond
  6. Hi Alan did not send saw stuarts doos they looked fantastic I would not send my doos in the condition they are in buy managed to get 6 away to thornton best I could do just to chase the combined averages so will have a few drams any way what about youself any away
  7. Hi Stuart good luck hope you have a good race seen your birds and I would be looking for them they looked very good
  8. Results for Elgin Club Consett 20/8/2010 1st A Mortimer 1185.301ypm 2nd D Feaks 1172.175ypm 3rd A Mortimer 1121.320ypm 4th A Mortimer 1109.425ypm 5th D Kerr 1102.556ypm 6th A Mortimer 1015.482ypm 7th A Mortimer 1015.138ypm 8th A Mortimer 1014.844ypm 9th D Feaks 978.910ypm 10th A Mortimer 966.952ypm A Very hard race for us with mixed results for most members But a fantastic result for Alan Mortimer 19 out of 22 on the day and 1 on the Sunday flying 200mls he has had a very good year with his young birds plus he won the breeder buyer £165 a good day for him and well deserved
  9. Hi it belongs to me Raymond Birnie it should have a ring on with my phone no 07770546498 give me a call and i will arrange to pick it up Thanks
  10. hi stuart so pleaseed for you you deserved it you put a lot o work in to it well done
  11. Well done stuart a good race for you
  12. Well done john a good doo at that time
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