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  1. Still one hanging around so definitely not Ayrshire bird
  2. Wouldn't have thought this deep in season... Never normally have strangers with mine as birds coming through most of the federation geographic
  3. Ayrshire federation birds have clashed I've had two strangers here one hanging around looking like coming in... Definitely shu rung. Doesn't seem to have hampered our race 6 in half hour
  4. Good luck Graham... due east here in Ardrossan this morning now east south east... should be quick
  5. I'm of the same opinion it should affect all birds every race... We have to do the simple things first and liberating birds in full cloud limits their orientation ability in my opinion. Worry about what we can influence first and foremost.
  6. Weather conditions played big part in the poor returns
  7. Crazy race programme Langholm then Elgin is that correct? Youngbirds trying to navigate round a mountain range from liberation
  8. Left with 28 from 40 after 10 races between federation and midweek club. Dropped 7 at the aforementioned wooler race. Haven't lost a single youngbird training which is a small miracle in present times. Training has been upto blackwood... roughly around 30 miles before racing started, then twice weekly from only 8 miles. Next two federation races will be very tough as convoy will be small... Half are now stopped
  9. The north section birds ain't coming the M8 Charlie or the Beith/Dalry boys be skelping us I'd have thought they come down Irvine Valley... it's really hard to pathom as I'd have thought they come past yourself... I don't see lots of birds so they ain't overshooting only see the odd ones going back... If they were running down here then they would be turning in for these guys in the south section surely ... Definitely think the South section birds being attacked after breaking further out and being turned down into Cumbria area... Only thing I know for sure is it can't continue like that
  10. South and Central sections of Ayrshire have had it very tough this year... Its not where we're racing from its where they're racing too... Birds taking diffrent valleys especially for South section guys... Only my own opinion how else can guys in North section have a good race when birds all libbed together
  11. JCN

    S N R P C

    Lot 17 £30 please
  12. Aye still waiting on the rest birds have just stopped completely
  13. JCN

    S N R P C

    Lots 7-10-19-23.. £30 please
  14. Steady race for Ayrshire 14/19 here
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