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  1. Dundee and Angus fed at Ripon ðŸ‘ðŸ»
  2. Cheers guys I’ll give him a call the morrow ðŸ‘ðŸ»
  3. Called fed and sec but can’t get answer, anyone know whose doo it is?
  4. Had race there on Friday for Dundee and Angus fed 75 mile.. very good returns for me ðŸ‘ðŸ»
  5. Had a 2020 cock return on Thursday lost from 4th yb smash race otterburn, In good condition with ets and phone number still on. Crazy.
  6. Peanuts can you please PM me please, I seem to have lost your number cheers ðŸ‘ðŸ»
  7. Sorry to butt in guys but does your m8 that’s packing up have any spare hens going? VERY short on hen this year. :/
  8. I also have a roller/tumbler that was handed into me on Wednesday evening found in Dundee. Lemon and white, has no life ring.. Cracking little bird very tame.
  9. Not seen the spar around much and hasn't caused any bother till now, usually the Percy's taking my birds but my guess is it's nabbed him while he's been sat ontop of my flight and took him to the ground..
  10. Went out to the loft after work to discover a YB that was lost nearly a month ago in a disaster race from otterburn had returned, no happy ending though as he was lying on the grass surrounded by feathers and breast all eaten out. Gutted is the word, if only the Sputnik was open the outcome mighta been different. Poor bird.
  11. Another 2 back from otterburn this morning 4/20
  12. Dundee/Angus at otterburn.. Not libbed yet.
  13. Haha! Cheers but Wasn't the bairns I sent in the basket.
  14. 17/19 from Newtongrange with Dundee/Angus Fed.
  15. Anyone have my doo in SU20 DF150? Has been wired but decent body condition.. Had dropped it over a week ago came back yesterday evening. Cheers.
  16. I have a number of whites, grizzle and reds and it's always the blues or dark cheqs that disappear. I think they lock onto the colour that stands out against the rest.. So if you had 20 white birds and 5 dark birds the dark birds are more at risk and vice versa. As same coloured birds appear to move as one and it's harder to single out a target.
  17. Tossed 10 mile with ybs on Friday, basket at a time, I've now got 37/54. Got birds with feathers missing on the wings, bruising and feather loss on chests, look as though they have flown 500 mile.. Only the last basket of 15 got back together ever other bird has come back single over last 3 days. That's my 3rd toss and been hit twice now first time loosing 1 from 5 mile. Total sick!
  18. 3 sent to Wakefield, up at 8am nothing back yet :/
  19. It's Ne33 2az, the guy used to race but not anymore, I could send for courier but thought I would ask around see if there was a chance if someone could get it up the road a bit, cheers.
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