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  1. Central 5 Clubs, North West 7 Clubs, Almond Valley 6 Clubs, Midlothian 3 Clubs. Total 21 Clubs going separately just now.


    Pentland 14 Clubs, East of Scotland 3 Clubs, Scottish Borders 4 Clubs. Total 21 Clubs going together just now.


    There is your comparison and argument for or against. This is taken from 2020 figures. 2021 figures may be worse since we lose around 5% of lofts every year.


    The future is clear with the slow reduction of Members leading to the failure of Clubs giving the "knock on" effect of the failure of Federations. One way of combating this is for Federations to work together by forming amalgamations or combines. It won't stop the reductions, but it may slow them down and it should give better racing to all involved. :)


    100% agree we should all be 1 combine or amalgamation. You can still have your fed and club prizes too. Will cut costs and improve racing. Unfortunately my aunties uncles next door neighbours sister friends brother who died in 1804 raced in that fed so we can't go with them because his great great great great grandads brother didn't like him.

  2. Race controllers have few tools to work with... Weather forecast is number one and to send young pigeons to a race point on the basis of a small window of weather or half chance of a liberation is nonsensical IMO... There's always next week.

    Same guys that want doos at lib points regardless of conditions are the same ones to shout the odds when we get slaughtered... Not a dig at yourself or any one individual just an opinion on how the fancy is going unfortunately.

    Birds come first.


    Appreciate your reply without an argument. Not often that happens these days.


    If convoyers communicated and the past was left there we could all help each other with feds flying the same direction going together. Example central nw av and the Edinburgh feds. Everyone of them are in touching distance of each other.

  3. a decision has been raised (a good one too) . no race Saturday , if possible Sunday basket am for an afternoon race . failing that hope for Monday with same plan as basket am , race afternoon.


    It's a working man's sport. 99%of the working population work Mondays. What happened before social media? Birds were basketted Friday and held over if the Saturday was not race weather. This needs brought back in. If the birds are not at the racepoint we won't get a race. Forecast has been wrong too often in recent weeks.

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