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  1. Thanks for all the Birthday messages guys. Keep safe, Henry
  2. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/avian-influenza-bird-flu#latest-situation
  3. The way I see it, is that not much has really changed. Reading the Scottish Gov guidelines. The end of the protection zone and revocation of the restricted zone within a 10 kilometre radius of Scoonie Farm Leven sounds like good news, but the 10 kilometre radius Surveillance zone still stands. So people with pigeons in the surveillance zone still can’t let them out. The general Avian influenza prevention zone still stands across the whole of Scotland. So still no bird gatherings. Training is allowed as long as birds, baskets, transport etc. are from one loft or location only. But then COVID restrictions bring there own problems with that. Pigeons outside of the surveillance zone can be released to fly from their loft for one hour per day. So you better buy your birds a watch. Please feel free to contradict anything that I have said, as it is only my interpretation of the long winded Gov guidelines.
  4. Foud this very interesting. https://www.pigeonracingpigeon.com/whats-new/tiny-loft-fascinating-pigeon-racing-method/
  5. Let some youngsters out for the first time on Saturday. They were scattered all over the skies by a sparrowhawk within five minutes of making it out onto the roof of the loft. Got 5 back the same day. Another two on Sunday Morning. Four back today. Still three missing. I’ve seen two of them scooting about roof tops in the area. I’m like mother hen who’s lost her chicks. Cracks you up. It’s been a quiet few months since the breeding season ended, regarding the peregrines. But the ones that migrate to the estuaries for the winter are starting to arrive. I see one nearly every day over Dalgety Bay.
  6. Thanks for letting me know. I did notice that the link sorts itself out once you post it. Yes, lots of stuff to keep you amused in this link. Not just the pigeon article. It starts on page 21 and 22, then jumps to page 112. Bet you keep getting distracted by the articles inbetween!
  7. https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=aigDAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA112&lpg=PA112&dq=Brunswick+pigeon+lofts&source=bl&ots=nA3JYusIWV&sig=ACfU3U2YdWdawXa4cOEna6EX_ot01M6_Tw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi4muW7jurpAhXZQRUIHc2vDfoQ6AEwDnoECAsQAQ#v=onepage&q=Brunswick%20pigeon%20lofts&f=false Not sure how this link will work. It works for me if I highlight it, press Ctrl and click on it. Very interesting stuff from 1930 Starts on page 21. Or maybe someone clever can fix it for me?
  8. Thanks for the Birthday messages folks. Sitting in a nice cottage in Lewis looking out over the bay with fantastic views of the Lewis and Harris hills in the background being lashed with wind and rain. The ever changing light and skies. Logs in the stove, and all cosy inside. Thinking of my wee doos, and all the ways to improve my system. Batteries re-charging. Great Birthday!! Henry
  9. Hi, Like Andy says. Difficult to say without seeing the condition of the birds. The worrying thing for me, is that you mention that they were not kept in very nice conditions. Tipplers are not known to be great at homing. And birds that are kept captive for a long time and never let out tend to get lost when they eventually build up the courage to take to the air. If they are healthy birds and originally come from good flying stock. It would probably be best to keep them in and get some new youngsters from them. The young will more likely be easier to train and home to your loft.
  10. I have not had them that long (a couple of years). Apparently they tend not to tumble until they are at least a year old. Some of the birds that are in their second year are starting to do very quick single tumbles without loosing height. They rise a Metre or so above the kit when going into the wind and tumble backwards right back in again. The younger birds just put their wings up vertically and drop out of the sky. I'm hoping they will get the hang of it soon. Sometimes a few birds just break away from the kit and put in a few very quick single tumbles and spins.
  11. I’ve been enjoying the racing pigeon chat and videos. So thought I’d retaliate with some of my Iranians. Just something different to watch during the lockdown
  12. Hi, I had some high flyers delivered to me (Dalgety Bay) on Thursday from London by Walkers. The driver said he was continuing on his journey to the Glasgow area and then up to Thurso. He also said that they were still taking orders for deliveries next week. I also had a chat with Kevin at High Flyers couriers, who was still delivering. But said that some areas where now in total lock down and he would not get access. Good luck!
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