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    Seen a batch of about 20 ish trainers going past a couple of times . They were cracking on and heading home on the same line both times . First time I have seen doos going past my door for months. Hope it goes well and pays off next year for the owner.
  2. Another txt after I said it might be on its way home ....she has been feeding it wild bird seed ..so here’s hoping for your doo
  3. Just had a txt , she hasn’t seen the doo at all today .
  4. I have txt and called ,left a voicemail but as yet no reply . Dont know if the doo has moved on or went into a fancier nearby.
  5. Mmm....I am back in the area tomorrow and I will give her a call and see what’s happening.
  6. If your still stuck for help I work near Falkirk and could pick it up , liberation will be Dundee or possibly Aberdeen when the doos able.
  7. Brilliant result for Jim and Gary.....well done boys
  8. I was really meaning more for the young birds Brian , I know it’s not a good situation for the doos at the moment . In today’s racing flexibility is the name of the game , things will never suit everyone ,but they never have . If races have to be missed due to weather ,then surely a shorter race can be fitted in as soon as it’s ok to go . Like you I don’t race anymore but, things ,and the doo men must change .
  9. Fife has historically had some really bad races from the first race points over the years. Excuses ranging from birds not been trained , hawks, weather, race points,and more. Probably true in a lot of cases ,definitely true in most. The BOPs are more prevalent now than ever before and I personally have seen as little as 2 hawks turn a liberation of 1500 doos in 3 batches ,and 1 batch headed totally wrong direction at break kneck speed. It’s impossible to do anything to change that after the doos are libbed. So why not at least try something before liberation. Fife’s first couple of races are short enough distance to be able to basket on morning of the race , lib around 2/3/4 in afternoon . Maybe some of the BOPs will have been fed ,maybe not . Another advantage is less stress on the doos first time in transporters and does away with the need for putting in the drinkers . The transporter only has to sit for 30/45 mins after reaching race point. Will it work ..maybe ,maybe not . Only guarantee is if you change nothing ....nothing changes .. What is there to lose? ..a couple of Saturday nights at loft instead of the pub etc. Fife did this many years ago and it was a great success ....was it luck ? Maybe ,but we all need a bit of luck nowadays . With a smaller fed ,less pick up points nowadays this isn’t hard to try ...and anything is wurth trying to help the doos in my opinion.
  10. Don’t buy the stuff for attics,.....dig a wee bit deeper in your pooch and buy the stuff they use for house floors..had it down for years ...bleach ,blow torch doesn’t kill it...and as said before it has a engineered joint so it locks together...what you need is a “friend “ on the building site. Should have said the sheets are 8ft x2ft.
  11. Goodview


    Old school videos , going in bin if no use to anybody.
  12. Dip beer mat in it ...let it dry overnight ...put it under nestbowls....nae wee beasties
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