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  1. get in touch with Kyle Douglass at Whitby stray centre he might be able to help you will find him on facebook
  2. try Kyle Douglous at the Whitby stray centre hes on facebook he might be able to help
  3. well yesterday was one of the hardest races of the season timing two in from Billericay one at 1920 last night and one this morning at 0647 and still waiting on six I would like to congratulate everyone who timed in got birds back from the race's a massive congratulations to my club mate J&G Peggie with them timing in from Maidstone and possibly the winner of the snfc Maidstone race
  4. marky2611


    seen the percy hen tonight just at methilhill church took a dive over the car then headed round the back of the church head down towards jim and gary peggie
  5. marky2611


    just been on the whitbay stray centre 2 fife birds on the list su 19f1890 and su19f2645 theres a guy goes down every two weeks to pick them up and get them back up the road
  6. 6/15 still no returns as yet
  7. cheers bud al have a look
  8. Dose anyone know the snrpc race program for 2021
  9. pallets have the loft hoovers no sure about the length of hose on them I have a small hoover and its a stop-start thing forever unblocking the hose
  10. adee I would rather go back to Berwick than Coldstream
  11. old birds Coldstream 17.4.21 Alnwick 24.4.21 Catterick 01.5.21 Rippon 08.5.21 Wakefield 15.5.21 Leicester 22.5.21 Huntingdon 29.5.21 convoyed with snfc Alnwick 2 05.6.21 Maidstone 12.6.21 convoyed with snfc Alnwick 3 19.6.21 Alnwick 4 10.7.21 Roye 16.7.21 convoyed with snfc young birds Coldstream 1 31.7.21 Coldstream 2 07.8.21 Alnwick 14.8.21 Catterick 21.8.21 rippon 28.8.21 Wakefield 04.9.21
  12. 30 days quarantine podge from the day of the outbreak so it will be about 14 march before we can get them out
  13. go with polycarbonate bud you can get the joining strips for it as well from b&q not sure if they do 8x4 sheets I know wicks sell them but they about £60 a sheet
  14. thanks for the information redcheqhen ours started February 13
  15. anybody heard if or when the restriction will be lifted with the bird flu outbreak
  16. the size of the text is to small I wear glasses and find it hard to read
  17. speak to whitty gordie he sends them away for us
  18. marky2611


    ply wood cable drum turned on its side as long as its big enough for y=the birds to stand on and get a drink
  19. if you go on the shu web site you will be able to report it and find the owner
  20. sad news rip Kevin condolences to joe and family
  21. marky2611


    eh no av lost enough over there cems turn lol
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