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  1. Sorry guys, meant 1st catterick, not wetherby lol Tiger, just to let you know I'm a 66yr old bred and born Jambo from Balfour st. in leith
  2. Just saw OPEN result, really chuffed. My granddaughter started on her own 2yrs ago and flew pretty well. This year I joined her and we not only won her 1st race ( wetherby). We won 1st ( Wakefield), 1st ( NO ) section and Y.B. Averages.. we're 26 open sending 1 pigeon.
  3. I've been on the phone to Walkers, asking why they didn't deliver until 6pm the next day. The guy said that was normal and even said most times were later. Won't be using them
  4. The bird is my granddaughters. Leanne she's at her loft at the moment down at her allotment checking how many she has lost.
  5. Why did you not say that to begin with? I know where your coming from as far as her idiot boyfriend is concerned.The ring is there.
  6. I'll double check tomorrow, as that is my granddaughters ring numbers. If it is the same pigeon then she lost it about 10 months ago on its 5th Training toss at the Forth Bridges.As soon as it came in on Saturday she checked the number and said it was hers. I meant to put a message on it To see if anybody would get in touch if it went back to another loft. Instead I let it out by mistake this morning. She had and has bred quite a few grizzles.
  7. Was the ring number su16 av 4339
  8. Ronmacduff


    Did you get my reply Ian
  9. Ronmacduff


    She lives and has an allotment in Denny but is in Bonnybridge club
  10. Ronmacduff


    . I've already spent a fortune setting her up. That's why I'm trying to get her help, I don't work and live on an army pension
  11. Ronmacduff


    Unikon and live in Denny, Scotland
  12. Ronmacduff


    Can anyone help my granddaughter? She started the pigeons last year. I managed to get her an ETS, but there was no rings with it. Has anyone got spare rings for free or at a reasonablelly low price. She is 24yrs old and loves the Doos
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