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  1. Happy belated birthday hope you both had a good one.
  2. Well done Giibby. What like was the returns overall.?
  3. And she still hasn't won a national.
  4. Totally agree with you there Willie.
  5. Woodsider


    Their is no way that that fight was fixed. If any fight was fixed last-night it was Katie Tailors. Their is NO WAY she won that fight.
  6. Woodsider


    Obviously took the Mexican for granted. And thought it was a easy payday. How wrong was he.
  7. Happy birthday Alex. Hope your present is 2nd club to-day.
  8. Could you give me your phone number Stevie and I will call you.
  9. Has anyone in the Aberdeen area got a spare Unicon basestation . That I could buy/borrow. Till I send away for a new one. pm me cheers.
  10. Happy belated birthday Alex hope you didn't get too drunk in the Crown.
  11. Happy birthday to the N/EAST twins Willie and Stuart have a good one.
  12. Bob i have seen your haircut now. Maybe should consider going back too Gammies. :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  13. Happy birthday young James have a good one.
  14. Woodsider


    You could get the immigrants to take the fags in for you.
  15. There was no way that fight was a draw, Fury won that fight. And how did he manage to get up after that 12th round knockdown AMAZING.
  16. It probably won't be a good fight. Because when Wilder gets close Fury will grab and hold him. But i reckon Wilder will knock him out in the middle rounds.
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