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  1. In last night SU20L3901 ch hen slight cut bk of head if its anybody's on here
  2. Sorted it was a Stirling doo a got it libbed in Stirling
  3. just in red ch SU20A80
  4. In tonight SU20P5002 CH PIED
  5. Blue grizzle hen SU17L840 just in
  6. Just in blue ch SU19AV3672
  7. Just in blue ch SU19 7111
  8. Better no lose them cauz ur no getting anymore lol
  9. In tonight SU19L6408 if it's anybody's on here
  10. It belongs to a Mr Smith wednesbury
  11. In with the young birds GB19V85856
  12. Just in SU19L13750 ,SU19L13747
  13. Came in last night with young birds SU19A676
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