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  1. Started racing in 1972

    First channel race I entered was 1974 with a 2yo gifted cock avaranches vaux usher thousands of doos away ,I timed to be 144th open the other 6 doos that were with it carried on up the main railway line from wamphray heading into Lanarkshire

    First go at nantes was in 1976 with lovely cheq hen 3yo she took 14th open

    She then bred 4 doos to all score from rennes one especially a blue hen 3 times on the shift her best was 32nd open from 7500 birds each time nw wind

    I the glory years Eddie newcombe, jock allen etc legends


    Glory days of the SNFC... must have been some thrill


    The SNFC centenary book is magic.. read it cover to cover every few weeks

  2. Fantastic stuff

    Rennes the holy grail

    Nothing comes close

    Just proves what was possible in the west when birds were racing straight line of flight

    Was fortunate enough to have timed loads of good pigeons in the 70's from rennes

    Sure we would still get a good entry

    What a buzz to have on my headstone I won rennes

    Happy days



    Aye it’s hairs on the back of the neck stuff... Sartilly, Rennes and Nantes..

  3. Was going through the youngbirds today and very pleased with the ones we are left with,had 26 young birds at the start and by the time racing started we had 5 birds missing,we lost 3 birds at the two kelso races,3 between the two Hexham races and all home sedgefield and the last race ripon,a further youngster was lost exercising around the loft after the season end,we were lucky enough to win 2 firsts,3 seconds and also 3 thirds with our small team and also yb ave.


    The birds had 12 tosses before the racing from 16 miles and no training after,John mac had them out most afternoons exercising.was lucky to have some excellent incommers in the team from crack fanciers in central Scotland and Essex and timed these birds most weeks,most of the youngsters after race 2 and 3 paired up although they were not encouraged.


    So a wee summery started racing with 21 birds and ended up with 14 raced and only 3 birds lost over 100 miles,and all home at 140 and 170 miles.so hopefully a few decent yearlings will come through 2021. :partick-thistle-Crest:


    Did you have them on the dark ?

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