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    First time posting photos not the best, also heavy in the moult, posted for a bit of interest.
  2. Solway got a good race from Coventry 90% returns into Eccelfechan club and thats them racing up the west side of Pennines where it’s supposed to be infested with peregrines. I personally don’t think the kind of losses we are seeing nowadays are all down to birds of prey. Jmo
  3. Lanarkshire slaughtered from Wetherby only 5 birds home on the day in Airdrie club,
  4. Pretty certain the bird belongs to Jim Cameron Tel. 07811947561
  5. Tommy looks like the “ reports†turned out to be right 😂
  6. Make up your mind Tommy last week you told us he was blackballed by the brothers !
  7. Stop trying to stir it Tommy, by all reports he takes the first 3 in the Fed and he’s a member of Chapelhall if reports are true.
  8. 2 great wooler races for the Lanarkshire with returns in the high 90s% , makes u wonder where the Perigrines were those weeks 🤔
  9. has not set their status

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    Handed in by non fancier SU20CA295 Blue Picked up in their garden bird is ok just a wee bit tired Any takers
  11. Bird belongs to Michael Walsh Glenmavis 01236 830581
  12. What has this got to do with pigeons ? If you want to talk football there are numerous sites dedicated to discussing football matters.
  13. Seem like a great idea, whether the 2 national can come together on this I’m not sure but surely it worth a go. Will be difficult due to COVID restrictions to have meetings etc and probably to late for this year but at least start discussions and u never know maybe next year.
  14. Don’t know if I’ve missed something here, but I haven’t received anything from SNFC regarding proposals etc.
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    try Omni’s Vaccine Queue Calculator is available to give you an approximate estimate of how long it will be before your number comes up.
  16. Proposal for Sections was all lofts North of M8 would form a new North Section, all lofts West of M74 would form the West Section all remaining lofts would form the Centre Section. John Lawrie is the new President and Andy Eadie is Vice President.
  17. I personally don’t have any issues with this, doesn’t bother me one way or another, I’m back to flying in the section I was in for 20 odd years before joining Airdrie.
  18. I am now flying in the centre section while the rest of my club ( Airdrie ) are in the North Section.
  19. Walter Don’t know where the Peregrines are but According to the RSPB website they don’t migrate. “ In the British Isles peregrines do not migrate, and the majority stay within 100 km of their birthplace, although some upland birds move to lower ground or the coast in winter. While the British and Irish populations mix, there is practically no exchange with continental birds. Some of the migratory Scandinavian birds winter in Britain “ Could it be because they are no big batches of pigeons coming up the valleys They are having to range further afield in search of food and leaving a clear corridor for your birds ?
  20. Well done Jim, that put that story to bed once and for all ðŸ‘
  21. Tam, don’t see anything wrong with transporting birds in as long as the rules are adhered to, this is not a new thing it has happened for years. Out of the 7 Airdrie members who sent birds 2 had stated they would not be sending if they had to mark at another club.
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