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  1. I won’t be paying for a vet and to be honest I think a lot of people will be thinking the same which will definitely result in a big drop in National membership to the extent that in the not so distant future Channel racing into Scotland will be a thing of the past. Jmo
  2. Don’t know about anywhere else but it is impossible to register with a vet in Lanarkshire, even the vet who i have my dogs registered with has told me he will not touch racing pigeons.
  3. Hi , I have bird reported in Whitby by non fancier is there anybody who could possibly help to to get it up Lanarkshire Scotland Thanks
  4. Cheers, I will him know.
  5. Bird belongs to Ian Rankin Airdrie Club, is there anybody on here that can help get it up the road . Thanks
  6. My mate had the same thing happen to him, it was next doors cat .
  7. jimbo54

    Sky News

    Just watched Ian Evans on Sky News regarding decline in pigeon racing, very dissapointed not a mention of BOP
  8. jimbo54


    After a recount, vote a tie, President had the deciding vote and went with status quo
  9. jimbo54

    Show time

    First time posting photos not the best, also heavy in the moult, posted for a bit of interest.
  10. Solway got a good race from Coventry 90% returns into Eccelfechan club and thats them racing up the west side of Pennines where it’s supposed to be infested with peregrines. I personally don’t think the kind of losses we are seeing nowadays are all down to birds of prey. Jmo
  11. Lanarkshire slaughtered from Wetherby only 5 birds home on the day in Airdrie club,
  12. Pretty certain the bird belongs to Jim Cameron Tel. 07811947561
  13. Tommy looks like the “ reports†turned out to be right 😂
  14. Make up your mind Tommy last week you told us he was blackballed by the brothers !
  15. Stop trying to stir it Tommy, by all reports he takes the first 3 in the Fed and he’s a member of Chapelhall if reports are true.
  16. 2 great wooler races for the Lanarkshire with returns in the high 90s% , makes u wonder where the Perigrines were those weeks 🤔
  17. has not set their status

  18. jimbo54


    Handed in by non fancier SU20CA295 Blue Picked up in their garden bird is ok just a wee bit tired Any takers
  19. Bird belongs to Michael Walsh Glenmavis 01236 830581
  20. What has this got to do with pigeons ? If you want to talk football there are numerous sites dedicated to discussing football matters.
  21. Seem like a great idea, whether the 2 national can come together on this I’m not sure but surely it worth a go. Will be difficult due to COVID restrictions to have meetings etc and probably to late for this year but at least start discussions and u never know maybe next year.
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