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  1. He doesn't go anywhere else
  2. That's me arrived at the jubilee operation will be this afternoon don't mind telling you my *expletive removed* is knitting a cardigan I think
  3. Thank you so much for all your good wishes.Just had a call from the jubilee going for a triple bypass on the 6th of January
  4. Fantastic flying Danny see you on Tuesday no doubt we will hear all about it
  5. Well done Alan for the week and john king for last week.I agree Walter it should have been on last week!
  6. Will you be flying east coast all the time ?????
  7. SU19A6507 anyone's bird before I phone SHU on Monday??
  8. Not mine but I will ask and let them know
  9. it's in your fed book
  10. Why not wait for the fog to burn away??????????
  11. Well done everyone and oor Craig make sure they clarkston boys pay up m8
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