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  1. Friends with Jim and Jean for years and years straight as a die bloke , top top fancier , he told me a few weeks back about his decision.
  2. Rip legend a true gent in the sport
  3. Was going to go Colin but ended up too busy as usual , fancied the ones of yours and Jim Hannah’s one off gold award pigeon
  4. Belongs to ross David on here .
  5. It is a hard one this weekend Andy and just this morning weather has changed a bit for tomorrow rain now coming in earlier mid afternoon here in west spreading east . Now only a small window to get birds up and home . Plenty folk criticise and would never do a job , I do it because I only ever think of the pigeons welfare . Too many shout there mouths off but keep their hands down when jobs come up at AGM,s.
  6. But del is right with feds going same day so might swing it towards Friday
  7. Full cloud cover at wooler and alnwick for Friday. To me Monday with light winds and good sunshine
  8. 100 % correct madness imho, every animal in the world breeds and hatches/gives birth when there is plenty of food for their growing babies. Percy is no different.
  9. Thanks pal never seen on here about returns so was just interested how it went . That’s good .
  10. How did races go yesterday guys ?
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