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  1. Hi Had some rings today from MR ALLAN from Scotland. Thank you very much. Best Wishes, Mark
  2. Hi Have seen them go for about 30-50 pounds. Cheers Mark
  3. Hi I am looking for welsh, scottish, irish and english rings i just want one from each year i also would consider nehu and nwhu rings aswell. Please get in touch if you have any to swop or sell. I have rings from overseas and only a few swops from the uk. Thanks Mark
  4. Hi Not sure if you got my address ok. Cheers Mark Hi let me know if you got my address ok. Cheers Mark Hi Andy, Did you manage to find any rings at all. Best Wishes, Mark
  5. Thank you excuse my ignorance what does the nipa stand for. Thanks again, Best Wishes, Mark
  6. Hi Thank you Andy most helpful and thank you for clarifing the unc union. Just the irish and nwhu to find out now. Thank you Mark
  7. Hi Is this the irish union? Thanks Mark
  8. Hi Thank you guys for your help, just need the nu and the nwhu years now. Cheers Mark
  9. Hi Could be a rabbit ring which they used similar years ago. Best Wishes, Mark
  10. Hi Looking for info about when the various unions were formed and any ideas when the first ring was issued for that union. I have been told that the NEHU was formed in 1919, but need info on SU, WHU,IHU, NWHU AND THE NU ENGLISH. Hope someone can help me with info. Thanks for your help. Best Wishes, Mark
  11. Hi Had some rings today from Mr Jones of Liverpool GB07 AND GB 08 and also some welsh rings to from JB Newport Gwent. Thank you to both of you. My welsh rings i have are as follows 2014,13,12,11,07,04,01,98,92,87,67. If anyone can help with any missing numbers i would be gratful and i will pay for pand p. Best Wishes Mark
  12. Thank you for the insight it is kind of you, he loved the sport and although did not race any more he used the birds to promote the hobby and do charity work, it was because of this he got to carry the torch in the 2012 games. The high point before his untimely passing last year. Best Wishes, Mark Thank you so much have sent an email to you. Best Wishes, Mark
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