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  1. I am not brushing it under the carpet, the federation had a meeting and the committee disqualified my pigeon obviously I am upset with the situation but what can I do if I have queried this but commitee have said pigeon is disqualified due to impossible velocity and that's the final decision. Pigeon racing is a hobby to me, I'm not knowledgable about velocities etc so if my fed officials told me I was disqualified for an impossible velocity then I respected that decision
  2. Let's just all move on to this weekends race I have named my pigeon mystery as it's a mystery 😂 The information I have put on here was what I was told by other members so thank you John & Stevie for clearing it up Good luck everyone for the up and coming race 🙂
  3. John we are led to believe there was a problem with a basket lid when our members (not my partnership included) arrived at the transporter with birds The federation has stated there was no suspicious activity and hopefully we all get a good race this week Just my luck 😭 All the best
  4. We were advised our pigeon was doing an impossible velocity so possible escapee
  5. Well done to Robert & helpers for running a great show
  6. Great to see show is on again this year
  7. I would like to thank everyone who supported our show and made it a success for our club. A big thank you to the following people: Ronnie Creeley , Anne and George Power for organising Show Pens Mary & Henry Stafford for allowing us to use such a fantastic hall Les Drennan for all his hard work with helping set up show and running the canteen Stephanie Winter for making up rolls for canteen Alan Pollard, Gary Cairns , Gary Coutts, Craig Coutts, Callum Coutts, Ian Rowley, George Brown, Eddie McClintock & David White for judging. Jake brown for helping to gather birds for our breeder buyer competition and all the fanciers from Dundee area that entered birds into this competition. The Members of Gorebridge club would also like to thank our Secretary and Federation President Davie White, for all your hard work that he has done for Gorebridge Club this season. Thank you and well done Davie Thank you to Eddie McClintock for all his hard work at Show and making Show a success. And finally a huge thank you to Chris Winter for all his hard work with setting up the show and taking charge on the day, your a great asset to our club and we thank you for helping to make our show a success for our club.
  8. Yes this was the only date we could get hall Had an over whelming response with over 650 pigeons entered
  9. Judges confirmed: David White Eddie McClintock Gary Cairns Ian Rowley Tom Davidson Gary Coutts Calum Coutts Craig Coutts Alan Pollard There have been a few enquiries from fanciers asking what judge is judging what class. The show committee will select at random (name from hat) each judge for each class. This will be done morning of show Best of luck to all exhibitors, looking forward to Saturday
  10. Big thank you to John mccord who has donated a bag of pigeon food for Best Racer at Show
  11. Breeder/buyer sale for best performance in 2018 from one of the youngsters bought from sale Youngsters from: Bruce McKenzie D C Mcleary (2 youngbirds) Davy Glen ( 2 youngbirds) George Brown (2 youngbirds) Jake Brown ( 2 youngbirds) A few more youngsters still to confirm so will add names soon
  12. Thank you to everyone that has entered Show Entries are now closed due to a high demand Good luck to all
  13. Thank you to everyone that entered show Entries now closed due to a high demand Good luck to all
  14. Thanks Andrew, some of ours are the same but only date we could get for hall
  15. Just a reminder that entries close soon, no phone entries accepted
  16. Just a reminder that entries close soon, no phone entries accepted
  17. I have attached class information & Entry form for our show on Saturday 21st October 2017 Please note entries will close on 07/10/2017 The hall can only hold around 650 Pigeons so please make sure you get your entries in early to avoid disappointment Kind Regards Carrie Gorebridge Open Show Classes.pdf Gorebridge Open Show Entry Form.pdf
  18. Slight change to the previous entry form as all cheques to be made payable to "Gorebridge Homing Society" Please use the attached entry form for all entries Kind Regards Carrie Gorebridge Open Show Entry Form.pdf
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