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  1. Free pigeons in the north east of Scotland .As i am giving up in the sport i have some old and young pigeons free to a good home the strains are . HERMAN CUSTER kilpatricks jan aardens. all with SU NE RINGS ON.
  2. A member of my club has asked me to put up on pigeonbasics that he has lost a pigeon.its a checker cock SU16Hi1064 if found contact John Mair on 01261842331 thanks
  3. doomanphil


    Hi Dennis has lost your phone number can you give him a call or send me your number thanks
  4. doomanphil


    Dennis smith 07583 258147 he is a member of my club.thanks
  5. Lost 8 training on the Saturday 4 where red pieds
  6. Are you still looking for a basket as I have a 14 bird basket.
  7. That is one of my pigeons I will message you tonight as I am going to work. Thanks
  8. Thank you all for my birthday wishes. All the best for 2020
  9. I think you are right I have checked old race sheet .thanks
  10. A friend a work give me a ring today that here husband had taken of a dead pigeon that had been killed by a hawk. Any takers.
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