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  1. Thanks very much Davie and Derek too for the comments. Delighted to win the section yesterday. And also well done to both of you fantastic times also.
  2. Azzi1985


    Hope more work in Allan. It's getting tougher every year.
  3. Brilliant to see fanciers pulling together. What I would do to have some reported.
  4. Well done Billy , good flying buddy ðŸ»ðŸ»ðŸ»
  5. Morning fellow fanciers
  6. Spoke to owner trying to get it a lift home
  7. SU20A 1641 Blue Pied Hen, flown out
  8. Bo'ness H.S , Scottish Central Fed

  9. Morning folks, hope returns were good yesterday.
  10. Azzi1985


    Good luck to all fanciers that have sent to the national tonight. Best of luck A Orr & Son
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