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  1. gazzano1


    hi vone yes ill take it pal il private ma u
  2. gazzano1


    Just got new loft so looking for sputnik if eny body has old one free or cheep ty gazza
  3. gazzano1


    Hi just woderin if eny one has a couple spare birds there not wanting or no use for so I can start again after my bird got stolen eny help be gratful ty gary
  4. gazzano1


    can u ask him to mail me plz
  5. gazzano1


    Hi come home the other day all my ybs had bean stolen am just wondering if enyone could help me out with a couple of birds to start again and build up a new team young old eny thing be gratfull ty for help
  6. gazzano1


    Ty pal I no but Def down heartening don't no if can see if get some more birds and start afresh new team again just started back up
  7. gazzano1


    well come home from work couple hours ago found my aviary broken into all my ybs stolen police called but not holiding breath but that's me down to 8 birds left might call it day from now just when injoying the sport and just got the team I was looking for sick now like after getting some decent birds from friends owell upwards on on wards
  8. Just home from work and noticed 10 of my birds stolen out my avairy raging got 8 birds left

  9. gazzano1


    Hi looking for half dozen fantails just pm me plz
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