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  1. Forth & Clyde Result


    Racepoint: Stob's camp


    Date: 26 July 2014 Birds: 280 Wind: no wind


    Owner Aft Distance Velocity Ring no Sex Colour

    1 J Loney 1.26.41 62m186yds 1260.981 SU14AV865 H CH/PD

    2 J Loney 1.28.02 62m186yds 1241.643 SU14AV852 H SLATE

    3 W Horne 1.27.46 61m74yds 1224.087 SU14AV974 H CHEQ

    4 J Loney 1.29.37 62m186yds 1219.706 SU14AV875 C CHEQ

    5 J Loney 1.29.59 62m186yds 1214.736 SU14AV861 H B/BAR

    6 J Loney 1.30.08 62m186yds 1212.714 SU14AV869 H B/BAR

    7 V Couper1.29.12 61m33yds 1207.321 SU14AV757 H GAY/PD

    8 V Couper1.29.21 61m33yds 1205.294 SU14AV759 C B/BAR

    9 J Loney 1.31.07 62m186yds 1199.627 SU14AV856 C B/BAR

    10 G Ure 1.31.00 61m1469yds 1195.923 SU14AV673 H CHEQ

    11 T Shaw 1.31.55 61m1257yds 1181.690 SU14AV805 C GZZL

    12 G Harris1.34.01 63m102yds 1180.450 SU14M540 H B/BAR

    13 G Harris1.34.01 63m102yds 1180.450 SU14M530 H CHEQ

    14 W Horne 1.31.15 61m74yds 1177.359 SU14AV976 H B/BAR

    15 G Harris1.35.14 63m102yds 1165.369 SU14M555 H CHEQ

    16 G Harris1.35.14 63m102yds 1165.369 SU14M522 H CHEQ

    17 T Shaw 1.33.29 61m1257yds 1161.886 SU14AV827 H BK/PD

    18 R Couper1.38.01 62m154yds 1114.851 SU14AV545 C BLUE

    19 T Henderson1.40.0169m30yds 1114.233 SU14AV117 C MLY

    20 R Buchanan01:36.1660m1657yds 1114.166 SU14V905 C CHEQ


    Forth & Clyde Result


    Racepoint: Stob's camp


    Date: 03 August 2014 Birds: 248 Wind: Lt South West


    Owner Aft Distance Velocity Ring no Sex Colour

    1 V Couper 1.17.31 61m333yds 1389.288 SU14AV760 C CH/PD

    2 Cairns & Hardie 1.18.53 61m0yds 1360.997 SU14AV368 C CHEQ

    3 R Couper 1.20.56 62m154yds 1350.173 SU14AV528 H DK/CH

    4 G Ure 1.20.38 61m1469yds 1349.678 SU14AV671 H CHEQ

    5 J Loney 1.21.07 62m186yds 1347.516 SU14NW357 C CHEQ

    6 R Couper 1.21.42 62m154yds 1337.503 SU14AV510 C CHEQ

    7 Cairns & Hardie 1.21.02 61m0yds 1324.887 SU14L409 C B/BAR

    8 V Couper 1.21.49 61m333yds 1316.272 SU14AV744 C CH/PD

    9 J Houston 1.19.05 58m887yds 1302.006 SU14AV330 C B/BAR

    10 B & D Halliday 1.21.19 60m70yds 1299.488 SU14AV619 C B/WF

    11 J Urquhart 1.21.55 60m717yds 1297.868 SU14AV702 H CHEQ

    12 B & D Halliday 1.21.31 60m70yds 1296.299 SU14AV602 C CHEQ

    13 B & D Halliday 1.21.37 60m70yds 1294.711 SU14AV656 C CHEQ

    14 J Urquhart 1.22.26 60m717yds 1289.733 SU14AV710 C CH/PD

    15 J Loney 1.29.5 62m186yds 1224.717 SU14AV856 C B/BAR

    16 B & D Halliday 1.26.20 60m70yds 1223.977 SU14AV647 H CH/WF

    17 R Couper 1.29.50 62m154yds 1216.408 SU14AV549 C CH/PD

    18 V Couper 1.29.37 61m333yds 1201.707 SU14AV747 H CHEQ

    19 T Henderson 1.41.23 69m30yds 1198.126 SU14AV1496 H B/BAR

    20 V Couper 1.29.54 61m333yds 1197.910 SU14AV1271 H MEALY


    Well done all on the result. See you in a week or so :-)

  2. Argentina to sneak it 1-0 with messi either scoring or laying it on a plate. They haven't conceded many goals so far and although Germany are firing they haven't come up against a defence like this! Demechelis has been solid at the back and Mascherano cutting off all the balls through the middle, Germany will struggle to break them down and the Argies will hit them on the break.

  3. ye have had em before from there and they have died too but never affected my own birds as they wouldnt get near them for a fortnight m8 and all would be treated before contact . Good you got it sorted what was the diagnosis Ecoli salmonella bad tricho ??


    your right it was our mistake! and a valuable lesson learned mate! I wish I never won that money and stuck to my guns! doo's out of our stock loft only!

  4. Yeah they are but no thanks to Louella who brought the trouble to our loft. Won at the bingo and the disposable income went on young birds from said stud farm. Ordered them and paid for them one day and had them arrived at our loft less than a week later! production line doo's! still waiting on a proper response from them and its dragged on a bit too long! wheres my money and whats the cost of 10 months of work down the swanny and no national racing? in my eyes its priceless!

  5. do you want me to come up and chap yer door Andy lol


    I must admit i do yous if for a bit of banter or a larf at times always see the funny side lol


    nah just meet me down the lane and we can have it square out ya auld bugger lol. Who do you like to beat when you are racing Rab?

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