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  1. There has been a problem with the Gypsies in France for a few years now, one of the convoyers we had got beaten up by them, put in hospital after being hit by a baseball bat. They arrived in numbers that night intent on stealing the birds to eat them. That was at Tours lib site. All convoyers should be issued with some form of defence against this sort of thing happening.



  2. Well done John brilliant result. I have watched and talked with John all season watching his preparation for this race and this is really deserved. I cannot speak highly enough of John as not only is he a great flier in his own right but his generosity knows no limits. He also gifted us 6 ybs from his very best a few weeks ago. A massive thank you and well done.

  3. Think we are 242 from Newark up at 645 got our first at 2.07 - 3 still to come



    Good going over there mate. A lot of empty perches through this way from Newark. Some members have not timed!

  4. We bought a yearling cock at blackpool many years ago! Kept him in for a year and he took to the area okay when he was paired up and eventually he came well from training with our own birds. We sent him to the first race which was 60 miles from Locharbriggs back to Cumbernauld but for some reason he decided to go home! It took him two weeks but he arrived home in Germany safe and sound! We got a letter in German from Mr Manfred Kreube telling us the bird had arrived home and did we want to send for him! If they have a mind to return home to their original home then they will.


    Good luck with it mate :-)

  5. bridge over the river kwai easier


    Your not wrong Rab! Doo's are bouncing this week and ready to rock n roll but our location is a huge disadvantage but enjoying the challenge all the same! doo's are healthy and coming well each week! got 10 half way down the road so far, most we have ever had so its all positive stuff! Do you think Lanarkshire would take us given that we live in Lanarkshire? Im guessing not! lol


    Not forgetting we made the fed result ourselves this season :-)

  6. Wento see the orange walk at the bottom of the path, came back up one of the roof, then flew to neighbours shed roof for a drink then sat about eventually had to chase it to the board.������������������������

    Andrew was it a Red, White, or Blue doo lol

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