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  1. So what’s is the news guys about the meeting today as member think it’s right for all us members to be informed ASAP !!!!!
  2. It was the size his team and the loft.I could not believe my eyes and the winning that lofts done at National level tbh, billy had told me hundreds times about how many birds he races and thought billy was at wind up lol for if you look back at all National races at 500+ you will see name D.Donaldson (Glassford) in about 90 or 95 percent the time in every race over 500mls with wee team man with 14 feet loft and none this £18 or £20 bags feed tae make them fly faster lol, and tbh don’t think there anything else could say about the man for what i have seen has opened my eyes up.
  3. I would like thank Billy Graham for taking me and my father over to experience something in this sport pigeon racing, To loft visit in Glassford the name is Davie Donaldson when I have looked over the years the name Donaldson is never far away year after year at National racing, first of all I would like say mr Donaldson is a very honest person and helpful gentlemen. When seeing his loft for first time I could not believe my eyes with him only having 14 feet loft section for old birds and section for youngsters and in between 3 feet section for pigeon food and baskets when entered the loft could not believe my eyes with set up I seen inside nothing fancy at all.The old bird over 2yrs old had flown 500+ this year and has only lost two old birds this season and for youngsters side there where only few youngsters no more then 20 if there where that tbh. what I’ve learned today you need good honest birds and good all round feed and most of all not a lot of pigeons the name Donaldson speaks for its self at National racing. Ps Thanks Billy Graham of viewpark for the introducing me to mr Donaldson
  4. Paul think you get more votes if put in 500+ race instead Ypres as said most don’t want go with national so I say Roye said be add instead Ypres imo. Cheers Joe


    I agree with everything your just said Roland 💯


    Yes I do agree with you that wilder got the edge with those knockdowns and that enough in this game win a fight because fury knows that he can be hurt with wilder as you will also know there other heavyweight in USA and uk that are younger and could beat fury and AJ but it’s all about there manager see how far they can line there pockets.


    As ex pro boxer myself, I’ve never heard boxer ever asking his corner man after 6th round what his opponent will do next, lol if ask me fury or wilder would finished him for good that’s if even they meet in The ring !
  8. Well done John great results and really game pigeon there for next year .;-)
  9. Great job guys been one better nationals racing season that we have had in very long time Congratulations
  10. Hi there has the young bird not got wing stamp. Thank joe
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