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  1. Mutley i was looking for 3 rows of 9 easy clean perches if you give me your number i could contact you, i have had them before from you and they are fine but lost your number somehow mines is 07807091927 thanks in advance

  2. ok bigman  no meticed you sold them maybe next time you make them you could do me 3x9  69 and give me a shout cheers 

    1. muttley_1


      Just made 4 rows of 8 easy clean perches today mate 61” long if interested 

    2. avante


      only need 3 rows  either of eight or nine how much for them bigman

  3. big man how much are you looking for them could you send me a pm as i have bought some from you before and they did the trick cheers jocky AVANTE on this site
  4. avante


    found this bird tonight in loft just in case its from the same area i am just back from holiday left on monday 12th july but my young birds have been out most days SU21A3919 IT IS WELL DOWN THOUGH 07807091927 TXT OR CALL
  5. After having text from fed regarding birds not in the race from Wakefield , 1 basket from Airdrie ,is this a void race in this instance or is there another reason for it not being accepted as a result, can it be re scheduled , never seen this before so just asking thanks in advance for any insight .
  6. bird has been attacked by magpies of all things quite well down fed and watered needs some tlc i cant find my ring list for 2020
  7. This might help i have bird rung su20af1256 and a few lower rung birds which i bought from Gavin Ferguson of mcauley ferguson and curran unfortunately gavin had to give up the birds at end of y/bird season so maybe someone has bought it and it got out anyway he is flying fifer on this site it might be a start mate cheers
  8. started with 24 ybirds 1 despatched 23 trained out to25miles about 12 times then all sent to lanarkshire hexam 2 21 retuned well then had another 12'14 tosses from25miles same place same time in batches of 7 and no late birds all back by the time i got home, didnt bother racing with all the goings on and quite frankly did not miss it might be different next year when they are asked the question but i was my own controller and i did alright no hassles going on my own this time
  9. avante


    good win joe keep up the hard work in club and racing
  10. lovely day no wind no rain broken cloud red sky no racing though the golf will be on lanarkshire
  11. sorry just noticed it was south lanarkshire and not lanarkshire del apologies to your thread
  12. according to another thread lanarkshire are back at hexam this week because the first one cancelled and last one a bit if a mare for some feds guess it wouldnt be a bad idea and give the young birds some education as well as some confidence, fanciers are getting hammered every week through one thing or another and the last thing they need is another set back let the nationals go this year to those how wish go, as birds have not had adequate schooling in past weeks keep the distance short for the birds not everyone needs to get them down the road to quickly which i think is halve the problem
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