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  1. Try whitby stray Centre on Facebook they might be able to help
  2. Contact Kyle Douglas at whitby stray Centre Brian he might be able to get someone local to pick it up
  3. I've still got some Scotland own books in the loft I'll have a look over weekend if I can help I'll send you a message all the best Dale Renwick
  4. Same here in West Lothian and also the best training toss I've had this week just goes to show you bad weather keeps the hawks quiet
  5. Not good but heartbreaking losing them I'm even trying different times of day to let them out and still losing 1 each day
  6. Cheers Andy damaged my knee last week so hopefully be able to drive by the end of next week
  7. Terrible in Whitburn just now 3 missing in 3 days flying round loft peregrine must be going along m8 doesn't help that I'm on crutches for a week or so can't drive that's 6 in total in 3 weeks at this rate I'll have none left by middle of May 🥲
  8. Terrible news had known Kevin since we were boys condolences to Joe Margaret and family
  9. That's unfortunate Derek just a pity that a so called pigeon fancier would behave in that way rules are there to be adhered to hopefully the Shu will sort it out take care and all the best Dale
  10. Sad to hear that he was a good man was Bertie Rip
  11. Yes Jacob has a museum at his house in Denmark I sent over a clock kindly donated by David Jamieson over to him a few years ago along with some old books I had too add to his collection all postages were paid by Jacob not often you get the younger generation interested in pigeon history hopefully he might be able to add to his collection all the best Dale Renwick
  12. Been hanging about loft since Sunday afternoon caught bird been fed and watered but weather not good for letting out can wait for better weather before libing cheers dale renwick
  13. Fantastic 😠so nice to see that picture
  14. daleren

    Dk Jamieson

    Fantastic results David and in my opinion is only going to get better and as you said John with broken pigeons well done to you Davie and your pigeons
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