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  1. All the best Have a nice day😉😉 mall
  2. well done gary 3in the trot it must be all that good horse sh/T
  3. there is no such fed as south lanarkshire fed
  4. I need some rings can't get any response from SHU (01555 820 389 ) 109044!?
  5. I never, and never again will I join the SNFC the reason I was 3rd open 1st west section Renne 1988 no other bird into the west that night also 3rd open 1st w/s next to me was approx an hour & a half,and was a later,in 1991,and she was a daughter of my Rennes pigeon,all I got was two lines in the BHW,now you know why I do not join all I can say if your face don't come and fly your birds in Coalburn ?.that is all I can say shortest distance last drop in Lanarkshire .yours in sport Alex Meikle.
  6. I have FOC what is your number?.
  7. Thanks lads,not feeling to goods though!.
  8. Come oan funky where is the result taken ur winning😇😇😇
  9. Congratulations,had one returned 6/7/19 from yepre today 23/7/19 to the posterior orifis who removed his ets ring ,red cock su18L 12918,you have made up my mind to quit the sport I being at 74 and disabled a big thank you Alex meikle!!.
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