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  1. That's good (2011 ) last time I think
  2. If that is done will we have an entry from you
  3. Pull your socks up and get on way it lol
  4. Just one or two judges lol Cheers for the doo the day
  5. Well done to everybody for all there help and donations to make this all work so well The show today and with the help of jock Scott and Stuart fife raised £350 for guide dogs for the blind And for a wee bit of info it cost £50000 to supply and keep a guide dog for it's working life and that all has to come from charity no gov money put into it Well done folks for backing the charity part of the show
  6. Hall all ready for the morning see you then Thanks to the helpers tonite grand job lads
  7. What all will you have on show
  8. Setting pens up Friday at 6 pm many hands make light work so fed members don't be feared to come along and help
  9. Do you do hp and I'm no talk sauce lol
  10. Rember folks the crafty fifer and Jim Hannah will be in attendance so bring your cheque book and get your champions photo took and a new set o next boxes for it to race to
  11. Naw they don't poor show from the fed members
  12. Who told you that fish leave fife out of the fish you spout please
  13. The winners of what show ? Go to Blackpool
  14. It will be some job getting the geraldy up the stairs
  15. You are correct winter gardens have leased out that section of the winter gardens on a five year lease to some laser show company
  16. No show there any more show classes took up to much room and they weren't getting enough cash out of us the last year they hand us piled up 3 high below the stairs Shouldn't be aloud to be called a show any more Doncaster pigeon fair in my eyes
  17. A great nite and the best turn out of fed members we have had for years A big thank you to all of you and your family and friends Also big thanks to mr and mrs armour for being our guests for the evening
  18. Jim Hannah will be there to take photos of your champions
  19. I'm sure she will bring you years of happy ness
  20. Flat out

    N E H U Show

    Think there could be some rake o sh t in the cards unless you could maybe give them a few pointers ?
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