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  1. i am looking to swap my 8 one year old fantails for 4 white racers.
  2. I have been offered some plastic boxes for keeping me new birds im getting they are 33cm high 33cm deep by 37cm wide .im hoping to get 15 birds ang im akso goibg to buy a hut (not sure what size i need a i have never had more than 2 bird's before) the birds are a mix of white homers and fantails all 1 year old .I was thinking 8x6 for the shed ?
  3. Is there a list of the shows for fancy pigeons in Scotland ?
  4. thanks for that i will give you a shout when i get a shed (im going to gat a shed for them)i have never seen white rollen janssen,s
  5. hi guys would just like to say a big hello , im from cumbernauld and im in my 40s and have had birds in the past (white pouters) when i was younger. im thinking about getting some white homers as i have now moved into a house from my flat where i was not allowed to keep birds. im looking at getting 3 pairs, im looking for very tame birds as my last ones were happy to land on me. i cant make my mind up do i have a shed or a dove cote.
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