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  1. i was still laughing for weeks after mick
  2. allan i worked with a guy from the gallowgate years ago he told me alarge rat was coming into his house through a hole in the wall it would not eat anything with poinson on it or go near a trap he said be happy if he could just stop it getting in the house i told him to brake a bottle and shove broken glas up its hole naw a couldnt do that he said who wid hold its legs open and thats no a joke lol
  3. a top man george enough said
  4. your right john and not just the yb nat its the same in the ob nat as well apart from an odd one or two in a west wind east sect birds are normally one hour in front of the west sect winner wee must be keeping monkeys though here only fair race in snfc program is ypres
  5. i normally spot any problems like that before basketing chad but could have missed an odd one swings and roundabouts
  6. ps you can allso work this idea with your sputnics by making a platform to bring your basket up level with the sputnic
  7. ps you can allso work this idea with your sputnics by making a platform to bring your basket up level with the sputnic
  8. they will aw be gone to the mecca when they come back dan lol
  9. this is the way i do it today put basket against the hole flap inside put tipbit in basket allso hang drinkers on with seed in to get them used to it 2 or 3 times then start chasing them into it then shut flap after 2 or 3 times they know what to do i basket 40 yb in less than a minute put basket on even if not going training with drinkers on so they learn to eat and drink in basket
  10. your right cawdy think we have to sort this our self and there is only one way
  11. we are wasting our time and money no one is interested in what happens to pigeon our only chance is highlighting whats happening to our small birds bye making the public aware of why they they are not getting half as many small birds at there bird tables because rspb and other s have trully upset the balance of nature i have taken my bird feeder down the hawks were using it as a takeaway
  12. hard lines but good effort john gave them a fright
  13. my lofts got plastic on the front and heat from the bulb takes the chill out the air i breed in december every year mick it works
  14. derrek ive got the wee ioniser that hangs round the neck find its a great help when i mind to wear it only 25 quid
  15. del somebody phoned the police says they could see a man throtaling a pup lol
  16. i love it all learn something new every day even a novice can have a good idea so say little and listen a lot and ive kept them 50 year
  17. ill give ye a pair a eggs off it next year
  18. seen the day me and big richard copland could run tae coalburn nae bother and amean run no jog he went on to be scottish aba middleweight champion i was ugly enough ah kept runnin
  19. ye might see something ye fancy at blackpool frank a dont mean the bar maid
  20. tam whits rang way short troosers i wis out joggin in mine at 7 oclock the night ma haw maus are still thawin out mine ye
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