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  1. i saw new non stick frying pans in shop i was in the other day so i bought one for the wife i wrote on a card i order to get the best use from this frying pan you must put food in it and put it on the f k g gas i get the stiches out next friday
  2. lanarkshire 19 fed races plus the nationals
  3. not the as bad but funny two doo men from were basketing the birds to go a thirty mile toss to elvanfoot while arguing about what side of the motorway to lib so as to avoid percy they argued for the full 30 mile drive and finally agreed to lib on the left before the big hill both get out the car open the boot no doos they for got to put the basket in the car lol i see i missed out they came from hamilton loved to have heard them
  4. yer pads in the loft if its screwed onto the roof to m8
  5. we could argue the toss about the interpretion of the rule for ever dal so ill finnish with this do what you think is fair
  6. trapped was on sheets sent out to all clubs when ets first came out benny martin was presdent of shu at time but even rule 9 on here says bird must enter loft before timing if its walking on to a pad and timed in it has not enterd the loft because it can fly away if it wants and still be timed in anyway mines is on floor of sputnic and no one has any beef with that i am keeping me right and fair to others the system its self is advantage enough without trying to get more in my opinion
  7. thats totaly wrong mick the only ones that get away with that are the stall trap boys be cause when bird goes through it cant get back out suppose to be thats why its a grey area in the rule if you could not catch the bird while its on the pad its not legal and you cant do that if bobs are up i know what the shu rule is because it was me who sugested it to shu presedent to stop unfair use and to make it fair for all not trapped not legal covers every aspect if anyone has it any other way report it to your club and union they are cheating you force them to take action hope this clears it up for everyone
  8. round the loft way a bit a string tied on her lol
  9. bus wid run ye doun noo george or no turn up lol
  10. this is the reason the shu rule is bird must be trapped it covers all objections because if bird is trapped the rubber can be removed any thing else theres way round trapped stops people trying to work an advantage and is more fair to guys with clocks if we all had ets then we would not need the rule we would all just put them under the landing board then we are all the same
  11. you are tech correct and i agree with you but a bird only wants out a stall trap when it finds bobs are shut when bobs are open the bird has no reason to want out so kinda splitting hairs
  12. mik its deff right just make sure box is broad enough so bird has to be inside before it can stand on pad not just stick head through bobs and time and if box is screwed on its part of the loft same as a sputnic but these are best as some birds dont like bobs and waste time going in as i said ive tried them all and sputnics are best and legal with pad on the floor partion at back with small hole cut so bird cant miss the pad easy m8
  13. the bird must be trapped shu rule came about because pad inside loft can mean on roof or on boxed in landing boards where birdjust has to land and is timed outside loft
  14. close door behind bird or have a box with bobs and pad inside dal if not you leave your self open to objection
  15. not in scotland shu rules bird must be trapped
  16. if the bird can time then fly away your trap is not legal as it was not trapped when timed im afraid thats why its bobs then pad
  17. bob wires must be before pad or not legal bird must be trapped so rule says
  18. i have tried them all cant beat sputnic andy very simple
  19. this can allso be caused by infection in air sack or crop if crop fills with air after being punctured i would give antibiotic m8
  20. i let them rear two andy one in each nest
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