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  1. 1s t  Walter Boswell      1380

    2nd Richard Copland  1321

    3rd Richard Copland  1315

    4th Richard Coplandlots  1314

    5th Richard Copland  1310

    6th George Lightbody 1307


    Walter Boswell wins all pools and Accumulator  195 pounds 

    well done Richard and George in what turned out to be a bit 

    of a stinker with the Heat lots of birds missing 16from25 for me 

    in the fed one from two in the National both my birds are john short blood 

    the fed bird was bred from a pair of johns birds on loan to me from my

    friends the McPheats thanks guys and has already been 2nd west section

    and just a yearling id been kidding great when it comes off

    my National pigeon was bred by john and this will be her third time scoring 

    so going for a Bronze Award next Race a good day for me hope more birds

    get through thats all for this week

  2. 1st      Green#son           

    2nd    Walter Boswell   

    3rd    Richard Copland

    4th    Green#son

    5th    Alan Torrance 

    6th    Green#son

    Walter Boswell wins all pools

    and the 1st yearling shield 

    well done to James and Gary

    a good race but plenty with birds missing

    ive 5 to come from 28 sent but time yet 

    well done the fed race team 

  3. 1st       walter boswell              1497

    2nd    peter white                    1492

    3rd    george lightbody           1487

    4th   green#son                      1478

    5th   james mcmillan              1469

    6th   roddie fleming               1462

    peter white wins all pools well done peter good picking

    walter boswell wins first four race average

    well done guys 

    and well done lanarkshire race team good race




  4.  1st    richard copland              1256

    2nd   walter boswell                1238

    3rd   william mcfall                   1213

    4th   green #son                      1198

    5tth walter boswell                 1196

    6th james mc millan               1195

    well done richard a good winner and been flying steady 

    jimmy mcmillan wins all pools good picking jimmy well done

    was a strange race today many with birds to come im missing 4 from 39 

    but time yet roll  on next week

  5. 15 miles from Catterick to tell me he had just put down one of my birds as its back had been torn out and legs badly broken and head almost torn off it was one of my fancied birds from saturdays race from Catterick i thanked the man for letting me know

  6. 1st Green and Son 1171

    2nd Green and Son 1123

    3rd Roddy Fiemin 1107

    4th Torrance Mann 1101

    5th Baird Mcmillan 1084

    6th Torrance Mann 1059


    well done james and gary

    and well done Roddy on winning all pools


    disaster of a race with some guys not not getting a bird in race time


    hope they come through later or in the morning no one to blame but BOP


    roll on next week

  7. 1st Walter Boswell 1500

    2nd Green and Son 1488

    3rd Green and Son 1486

    4th Green and Son 1482

    5th Green and Son 1482

    6th Green and Son 1481


    great flying again by James and Gary who also win the pools

    and the next nine positions in the club well done guys

    one of the best yb races i can remember great returns in jig time

    so well done to our race team roll on next week



    ps another winner bred for me by John Short

  8. Easily the best sprint flyers in the club well done lads....



    surprised at the result you put up as we knew they took the 1st 11 2 hours after they timed....

    dont be surprised alan i only get the first six to put on the result i just pressed 8 instead of 6 as there is only six prizes in our club dont try to make something out of nothing ive nothing but praise for James and Gary fantastic flying if you wait till the result is done you would see only six are read out

    ps and they are the best sprinters in the westsection not just the club

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