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    Freind had 18 away to Maidston 330 mls 11 on night libed at 8-30 CLOCKED AT 5-37 Border fed
  2. NWHU 7150 J REED 01642482975
  3. have 5 2014 vandenabeeles 5 meerkerkes left as i ran ought of boxes
  4. I have decided to put a full sister to Welltower David in the sale on Sunday - 1st sect 1st Open Ypres 2016 - sire Welltower Neil - 1st sect 1st Open Leicester Young Bird National 2013 - 228 miles, 1,189 birds. In his first season breeding 1st 4 x 2nd Club 1st, 4th, 6th & 11th Fed. In National racing NEHU 14Z 5445 6th sect 7th Open Buckenham 14Z5444 56th sect 68th Open Young Bird National 2014. NEHU 15Z 2770 22nd sect 32nd Open Buckenham Young Bird National 2015 winning £1,373. NEHU15Z2770 11th sect 44th Open Buckenham 2016. Also 14th sect 24th Open Ypres 2016. NEHU15Z 2786 1st sect 1st Open Ypres 2016 winning £1,756. NEHU2016 BOR 2006 3rd sect 5th Open Buckenham Young Bird National winning £1,077. Also NEHU 2016 BOR 2043 24th sect 32nd Open Buckenham 2016. The DAM is a direct daughter of Pre Olympic. She is the dam of 2770 2786 2006 2043. Only eight birds have been raced out of this cock in three years. Must be one of the best breeding Vandenabeeles in the country. Starting price of £300.
  5. Onley raced them for 2 years onley had a few 1st sect 1st Open Clermont in 2002 Swinton Hill Lady 30th sect y/b national 2000 47sect 69th Open Clermont Swinton Hill Lass then moved to Horncliffe on English side then bought the best of M@D EVANS in 2005 and flew with U N C They won right to 520 mls they they were top prize winners till i stopped racing in 2010
  6. Comments from David Reeds' Sale - "Tommy Bhoys stated well won't be there he prefers an entire clearance sale as you can pick a wee gem up. Remember Billy moved to the location - don't be fooled. Then aye for dna." Billy came down to win Nationals but why did all the rest of the top fanciers down here not do it before. He bought Vandenabeeles from me when at Glasgow, raced them with John Barlow, 3rd Open - 6,700 birds, 1st Open - 5,636 birds Lanarkshire Fed. Also G. Mann , 3rd section 3rd Open. Another 3rd section 3rd Open and a 13th section also. Jim Cullen 2nd sect 2nd Open - 4,935 birds, 4th sect 18th Open - 6,000 birds. 2nd sect 6th Open - 6,865 birds. Alan Nelson 2nd sect 2nd Open, 2nd sect, 3rd sect, 6th sect 7th Open Thirsk Young Bird Derby. So Mr Tommy Bhoy - they also race into Lanarkshire and Chainbridge Lofts has been responsible for 9 1st Nationals since 2011, and over 70 positions in the first 44 Open Scottish Nationals. Also Dougie Bald Best Performance Young Bird 2013 SHU. Tommy Bhoys - how do you perform in racing, what are your results like? Maybe you need a Vandenabeele or two into your loft? There are 54 Vandenabeeles and Meerkerk birds in sale - some of the Vandenabeeles are bred from direct birds bred by Gaby crossed with my M & D Evans pigeons. These are stock pigeons 2014 and 2015 bred.
  7. vandenabeele


    i would be surprised to no pigeons in my loft have mcelones breeding in them i bought afew years ago but got rid of them the onley pigeon ibought from mceloney that did me eny good was the sparkey hen only reason i got it was it wasent laying verry well but it was ok for me it was bred byHrs Lycett @ son it was a m/d evans breeding a great hen slso i had a brother to SHADOWS IMAGE whitch didnt come from mceloney DAVID REED CHAINBRIDGE LOFTS
  8. looks nearly as good as the one you built me its going to take a lot of shifting when you retire to the golden triangle all the best davie
  9. Had same picked 4 up in Wales yesterday arived 10.00 this morning Walkers Transport great service
  10. vandenabeele


    you will have to move to sunny golden tryangle mick thats 900 mls in 4 races 340mls this sat all best davy
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