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  1. John please pm your number I've found the owner
  2. John I put it on ayrshire site see if that helps
  3. Annbank bird sec r mccarrell 07582713210
  4. Kilwinning birds sec j Davidson 01294650665
  5. The ayrshire bird belongs to darvel I've put on the site hopefully someone will be in touch
  6. johnwatters


    Su19an1554 in last night
  7. johnwatters


    in tonight su17f4465
  8. post='1254826'] New Lothian R Graham 07840 977574 sorted thanks
  9. johnwatters


    in today su20p2533
  10. if common sense prevailed all the Scottish feds should have joined libs I.e. east going together and westside the opportunity is in everyone instrenest
  11. You won't get much out of a grand for jack Russell now
  12. johnwatters


    Anyone know where you can get inserts for a t3 tried linell
  13. Don't know m8 never used it but at this time of year I don't give my birds anything other than good food and grit and minerals
  14. I don't think I would be giving my birds that during the moult unless they're ill
  15. Ayrshire up to early don't see what the rush was
  16. Ayrshire away tonight to ridsdale
  17. Kilwinning doo sec jock Davidson 01294650665
  18. johnwatters


    In tonight gb20b51261
  19. Hope you get a few more home I stopped training after the first race not worth stress
  20. Would've thought some would've been reported especially in this heat surely some have went somewhere
  21. The bird belongs to matt Smith of ayr 07711116729
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