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  1. I'm sorry to be reading this and really hope Jim reconsiders? Not many better fanciers than Jim Cullen.
  2. It's getting serious now Derek, the losses are not sustainable with old and young birds. Even diehard fanciers will be leaving the sport if we get many more seasons like this one.
  3. Lochee club - secretary Jim Bremner - tel 01382 623457.
  4. Congratulations Davie
  5. Congratulations Jim & Gary
  6. Mossgiel


    Pleased for you
  7. Mossgiel


    Hope you get her. It's hard enough to get that calibre of pigeon without them being taken by a percy around the loft.
  8. It's looking promising Derek
  9. Mossgiel


    Like most fanciers I have been plagued by Peregrines / Sparrowhawks for the best part of 20 years. My birds have been shut in since September last year and I started letting them out 15th March this year. The birds have been allowed their freedom for 1 hour a day and whilst out I stand at the loft conscious of a bop attack. During this period I have had one bird killed after a sparrowhawk chased it from the roof of the loft [ a neighbour handed in the leg of the bird with the ring still intact, about a week later ]. Another bird has disappeared during this period?? The last two evenings, while I was stood 8 feet in front of the loft the hen sparrowhawk attacked the birds in front of the loft, completely ignoring me standing only feet away!! They seem to have little fear of humans when they are focused on an attack. My birds are so on edge, that I have decided to shut them in for a while and hopefully the hawk will go to nest during this period ??
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