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  1. jakie

    Almond Valley Fed

    £ 150 on both lots 8 and 10 please
  2. in tonight,has been roughing it.
  3. these are the best perches in the country,get rid of your v perches and put these in ,satisfaction guaranteed .
  4. roland ,you need a girlfriend mate,
  5. the queen is a pauper roland ,lets agree she took the ring .
  6. jakie


    if you think darkening then flogging is the way to go, then, just say that.
  7. jakie


    not a clue what your on about mate,as usual,why dont you just spit it out ? why so cryptic ??
  8. jakie


    if you were darkened and flogged down the road .would you go back ?
  9. jakie

    Youngbird In

    su 19 nw 4377 blue cheq ?
  10. yes , i do believe you pack well behind
  11. a significant number of expensive birds with so called pedigrees means nothing.? does significant mean more than half ? what are the figures here ? how did you resource that ? has anyone told cooper and gilbert ? are you just making this up as you go along ? lets get back to the queen.how big is her loft ?
  12. jakie

    You Know

    its all the queens fault roland
  13. stick with the pigeons roland. the queen is the only reliable constant this country has got left.
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