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  1. I have six pairs of rollers free, good birds, various colours. I'm in Alloa. PM me for details.
  2. As your only half a mile away I presume you were not hit because the sparrowhawk hen was stuffed on the young hen she caught at mine this morning,
  3. I saw this one last week was almost tempted to apply myself!
  4. Bit early in the season but I'll keep him in mind, I have a small gardening business and I'm in Alloa.
  5. Cheers where/who Methilhill? Usually get it from Tam in Larbert.
  6. Hi, Does anyone know where I could get young bird feed? I'm in Alloa my normal guy can't get any for a couple of weeks. Thanks.
  7. Sorry birds are gone hopefully collected this weekend.
  8. Yes your right but with a combination of different flying times, lock downs and the birds getting smarter I've been luckier this year.
  9. Hi, I have 13 Birmingam rollers free to any member on here. Black pied, mealy, red and blue bars. Birds are 2013/14 bred and are NPA rung. Thay are good rollers and would be ideal for a beginner as there are 5 pairs amongst them which are desperate to lay. Only offering them as I bred too many as in the past have lost many to Percy but he seems to have disappeared this winter 😄
  10. Are you sure they are not too hungry? If you over feeding they will usually fly high. Mine will hang about the loft if I do not feed enough.. You could try flagging them up off the loft if you are sure they are not too hungry.
  11. No problem nice to meet you.
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